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The Groupement AMPERE

The Groupement AMPERE (Atomes et Molécules Par Études Radio-Électriques) is an association of scientists active in the fields of Magnetic Resonances, Optics, Dielectrics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as well as in the development of the related methodologies and technologies.

The society started in France 1951 and was incorporated as a European organisation in Switzerland in 1956. Although the roots and the basic activities are in Europe, members are from all over the world.

Today it is the largest organization in Europe dedicated to promoting Magnetic Resonance in Physics, Chemistry and related fields.


The organization of the Groupement AMPERE is described in the Statutes of the society.

Data Protection

Based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution and the provisions of federal data protection legislation, everyone has the right to the protection of their privacy, as well as to protection from misuse of their personal details. The Groupement Ampere complies with these provisions. Personal data is treated as strictly confidential and is neither passed on nor sold to third parties, with the exception of the membership status only, that will be communicated to Ampere Congress Organizers in order for the Ampere member to get a discount on the registration fee.\nIn close cooperation with our hosting provider, we make every effort to protect the databases as well as possible from outside access, data loss, misuse.You may delete your registration at any time by writing an e-mail to: contact@ampere-society.org, asking to terminate your membership.


The Groupement AMPERE was established with the purpose of informing and coordinating different European Laboratories and, at the same time helping the scientists in difficult economical or political post-war conditions. The motto proposed by it’s founder Prof. René Freymann is still valid today;

Se Connaître, S’Entendre, S’Entraider

i.e. to get to know each other, to listen to each other, to aid one another, for all those who engage in the study of Atomes et Molécules Par Études Radio-Electriques, which makes up the acronym AMPERE. During the coldest periods of European politics, the Groupement AMPERE played a key role in maintaining an efficient scientific and human exchange between western and eastern European countries.

The mission of the association is to contribute to the progress of Radio Spectroscopy, Magnetic Resonance and Related Phenomena by means of congresses and specialized "colloques", symposia, summer institutes, schools and workshops, by means of a bulletin acting as a link between the members, and by means of prizes that honor outstanding contributions to the progress of the fields.

Today the Groupement AMPERE maintains its high standards as the umbrella organization for numerous magnetic resonance activities in Europe. Many of them continue in their own traditions. The Groupement AMPERE maintains and expands services for the whole community engaged in Magnetic Resonance and Related Phenomena in Europe and worldwide. It aims at accommodating new developments in new areas which are progressively opened by the scientific evolution.

Historical Documents

Sixtyfive years ago ... 1951
Groupement AMPERE celebrates it's 65th birthday
a text by Bernhard Blümich and Bruno Maraviglia

Les premières décennies du Groupement AMPERE - Souvenirs
Professeur Georges Jean Béné, Mars 2005
(translation to english follows)

The Scientific Life and Work of René Freymann (1909-1995)
Université Bordeaux-I, France

Homage to Professor René Freymann and the History of the Groupement AMPERE
Alfred Kastler
Magnetic Resonance and Related Phenomena
Proc. XVIIth Congress Ampere, Ed. V. Hovi
North-Holland, Amsterdam 1973, pp. VI-X

René Freymann et la création du Groupement AMPERE
G.J. Béné
Bulletin AMPERE, May-August 1995, No. 179/180, pp. 18-21.