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Procedures & Guidelines for the Organization of AMPERE events

Approved by the AMPERE Bureau on March 16th 2017 in Zurich

1. Preamble
a) The organization of the Groupement AMPERE is described in the Statutes of the society.

b) AMPERE events are organized by the subdivisions of the Groupement AMPERE, whereby the Groupement AMPERE acts as umbrella organization, which coordinates the events over the years, provides long-term stability, experience, and quality assurance, and administers their finances.

2. Definition
a) An AMPERE event is a periodically occurring congress, colloque, school, symposium or workshop, which has been approved by the AMPERE Bureau and which is organized by one of the AMPERE subdivisions.

b) The guidelines stated below apply to all of these events.

c) Other meetings can be approved by the AMPERE Bureau to obtain the label ‘Organized under the auspices of AMPERE‘. They shall comply with the guidelines stated below, with exception of point 4 (Finances).

d) The principal AMPERE event is the EUROMAR conference. It follows the AMPERE guidelines with detailed statutes determined by the EUROMAR Board of Trustees. For additional rules for the EUROMAR conferences, see point 9.

3. Applications
a) Applications to obtain the label ’Organized under the auspices of AMPERE’ can be submitted to the Groupement AMPERE at any time and can be voted on by e-mail by the AMPERE Bureau.

b) Applications for the organization of AMPERE events need to be submitted to the Secretariat of the Groupement AMPERE two years in the case of the principal event or 6 months for colloques, symposia, summer schools, and workshops before the event takes place unless they are recurring annual or biannual events.

c) The AMPERE Bureau will discuss and approve applications during its next regular meeting and decide on whether further information, including a local inspection, is needed.

d) If the proposal is accepted, the chairperson of the meeting appointed by the AMPERE Subdivision will become a temporary ex officio member of the AMPERE Bureau according to Section VII of the statutes. The chairperson has the full responsibility for the organization and the program of the meeting.

4. Finances
a) The finances of an AMPERE event are the sole responsibility of the local organizer. The Groupement AMPERE does not take any financial responsibility

b) AMPERE members will receive a discount on the registration fee corresponding to a one-year membership fee
(full members 35 Euro, students 17.50 Euro).

c) For non-members, the one-year AMPERE membership fee (full/student) has to be included in the full/student registration fee. The full amount of these membership fees has to be paid to the Groupement AMPERE. If registration numbers are not provided, they will be estimated by the AMPERE Bureau.

d) The local organizers should aim at the lowest possible conference fees in order to give scientists from any country the possibility to participate.

e) The local organizing committee needs to present a financial report within 12 months after the conclusion of the event to the corresponding AMPERE subdivision. In case of a financial surplus, the chair of the local organizing committee will transfer 50% to the account of the subdivision of the Groupement AMPERE in support of future events.

5. Announcements
a) The first announcements of AMPERE events will be sent to all members of the Groupement AMPERE except for small events with a restricted number of participants (<50). Please send your announcement to admin@ampere-society.org

b) Every AMPERE event will be advertised in the AMPERE Bulletin along with all relevant data. Please be aware of the publication period of the bulletin and send the announcement you would like to have printed to admin@ampere-society.org

c) The web page of the event shall display the AMPERE logo with a link to the AMPERE web page. The AMPERE web page will link back to the conference web page from the list of conferences. Please send us the link to the web page to admin@ampere-society.org

d) The ‘AMPERE tree’ page available via admin@ampere-society.org should be included into the conference program to create awareness for the Groupement AMPERE.

6. What the Groupement AMPERE requires and offers
a) ) Organizers should inform the Groupement AMPERE regarding dates and location of the event as well as web page, as soon as possible so that we can publish the event on the web page and inform all AMPERE members.

b) AMPERE conference participants must become AMPERE members (see Finances). In order to check if someone is a member or not, an interface must be implemented into the online registration process, further information can be found in the right column of this page. Small events, with less than 50 participants and with no online registration, please contact us at admin@ampere-society.org

c) For small events with less than 50 participants, the Groupement AMPERE offers the possibility to the organizer to have participants pay the registration fee for the event by credit card, reimbursing the effective amount (i.e., less the credit-card charges) to the local organizer in one payment within 10 days after the registration period has closed.

d) AMPERE also offers simple webhosting

e) AMPERE publishes the abstracts of poster prize and award winners in the AMPERE Bulletin. Award winners of ‘Young Investigator Ampere Prize’ and ‘Raymond Andrew Prize’ will be published on AMPERE‘s web page.

7. Proceedings
If proceedings or a book of abstracts of an event is published, an electronic copy has to be sent to AMPERE for archiving.

8. Final report
A final report of the conference for reproduction in the AMPERE Bulletin has to be sent to the Groupement AMPERE within two months after the conclusion of the event.

9. EUROMAR conferences
a) Suggested time line for EUROMAR conferences
b) Vendors are an important part of EUROMAR.
They should be given the option to inspect the location prior to the event and should be placed in good locations with high traffic in participants. To attract visitor flow to the vendors, it is recommended to organize coffee breaks in the vendor area. Finally we recommend that EUROMAR organizers visit the vendor suites during the conference to ensure their satisfaction.

c) The conference organizer of the yearly EUROMAR conference provides rooms and facilities for the meetings of the organs of the Groupement AMPERE (AMPERE Bureau, AMPERE Committee, and General Assembly).

d) Organizational meetings of the Groupement AMPERE and the EUROMAR Subdivisions shall be publicly announced during the conference so that members are reminded to attend.

e) the Groupement AMPERE sponsors a ‘AMPERE Tutorial’ speaker as well as ‘Magnetic Resonance Stipends’ for an overall of 7000 Euro. Please contact us at contact@ampere-society.org’.


The AMPERE Bureau assigns an annual budget for the support of AMPERE events and schools. The organizer of an AMPERE event can apply for support by submitting a proposal to the Prize Committee. The Prize Committee decides about the amount to be granted taking into account:
The proposals should be sent at least three months prior to the meeting and no later than March 1st to the President of the Prize Committee. The proposal is limited to two pages in length and should contain the following information:
From supported events, a short report for the AMPERE bulletin is required.

Please send your proposal to the President of the AMPERE Prize Committee, Bernhard Blümich (awards@ampere-society.org).

Required Server Interaction


Any participant at a conference organized by Ampere Society or its subgroups is required to be member of the Ampere Society. If the person is not yet a member, the membership fee is added to the conference fee and the person automatically becomes a member for one year. We provide a data communication interface to support and simplify the implied processes.

Basic Interaction

With each registration for the conference, the conference organizer requests a membership status from Ampere Society through this interface. Either the registrant is paid member, not yet paid member or not yet member. Depending on the membership status, the Ampere Society membership fee has to be added to the invoice. Upon completed registration, Ampere Society automatically receives the participant's data through the provided interface. The interface should also be used during onsite registration. The process has two steps. First, the site of the conference organizer requests a membership status in order to determine whether or not the AMPERE membership fee should be added to the conference fee. Upon completion of the registration at the conference organizer, a second request is sent in order to register the person at AMPERE Society for this particular conference. The second step is necessary in order to avoid double charging if a person registers for several AMPERE conferences in the same year. Our server can also return the membership conditions in XML format.

Please find here the detailed information