Welcome to HYP, the Hyperpolarization subdivision of the Groupement Ampere.

About HYP

HYP is a subdivision of the Groupement Ampere, that organizes biannual HYP meetings on the subject of hyperpolarization, the noble art of boosting the intensity of signals in NMR, EPR and MRI by various means such as Spin Exchange Optical Polarization (SEOP), Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (CIDNP), Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange (SABRE), Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP), etc.

The meetings are usually held in the first week of September in different locations all over Europe, and cover all aspects of hyperpolarization, from method development to applications.

This conference provides a forum for fruitful scientific exchange, offers a valuable tool to share know-how between the different areas of hyperpolarization. The program consists of invited and promoted lectures, as well as round tables.


President: Geoffrey Bodenhausen
École Normale Supérieure, Paris

Vice-President: Jörg Matysik
Leipzig University

Treasurer: Matthias Ernst
ETH Zürich

Secretary: Sami Jannin
University of Lyon

Marina Bennati, MPI Göttingen
Anne Lesage, University of Lyon
Malcolm H. Levitt, University of Southampton
Olivier Lafon, University of Lille
Jan-Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen, Technical University of Denmark
Giuseppe Pileio, University of Southampton
Arno Kentgens, Radboud University
Marc Baldus, Utrecht University


Future HYP conference

HYP 2026 in Göttingen

Recent HYP conferences

2023 Leipzig (Jörg Matysik)
Report and Fotos see AMPERE Bulletin 292 on page 6
Group Foto

2021 Lyon (Anne Lesage & Sami Jannin)
Report and Fotos see AMPERE Bulletin 285 on page 18

2018 Southampton (Malcolm Levitt & Giuseppe Pileio)
Report and Fotos see AMPERE Bulletin 273 on page 22

2015 Egmond aan Zee (Marc Baldus & Arno Kentgens)
Group Foto

2014 Zurich (Matthias Ernst)
Book of abstracts

This series of meetings was originally known as ‘DNP conferences’

2013 Copenhagen (Jan-Henrik Ardenkjaer Larsen)
Group Foto

2011 Lausanne (Geoffrey Bodenhausen)

2009 Königstein (Thomas Prisner)

2007 Nottingham (Walter Köckenberger)